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     Alessio is a sad farmer, hopelessly in love with Rowan, a long-haired pretty boy. But Alessio is a LifeWeaver, capable of not only guiding souls into their bodies to create life, but also back into the Universal Flow to create death. Rowan is a Giver who restores people's energy to keep people alive, so LifeWeavers and Givers don't always align. To make matters worse, a traumatic loss of a close friend has made Alessio a shut-in for years. He has to decide if his irresistible attraction to Rowan is worth braving his anxiety around abandonment and trusting in love again.

     This is a feel-good, sexy Fantasy Romance with my most transgender cast to date!




  • Rowan (secretly)

  • People

  • Providing comfort

  • Being the center of attention

  • Being the bringer of bad news

        LifeWeavers are feared for a reason - capable of guiding souls in and out of the living world - and Alessio is no exception. Although he's a sweet (sad) farmer, he experiences various traumatic rejections due to who he is, and has now escaped into a life of solitude out of fear of further rejection from society.

     But Alessio loves his LifeWeaver work, bringing comfort and closure to loved ones in death as well as the joy of new life. He also loves people, so a life of isolation damages his fading mental health. 

        When his "secret" crush Rowan the Giver bulldozes his way into Alessio's life, Alessio can't deny the truth of his heart any longer. He loves Rowan, and he desperately wants to connect. But with connection comes the danger of existing as a LifeWeaver, a risk Alessio has always been terrified to take.



  • Alessio (secretly)

  • His group of oddball introvert friends that he collected as the resident extrovert

  • Disappointing others

  • Taking up "too much" space

         A beautiful fireball of a transgender man, Rowan the Giver is responsible for Giving energy to the community in his home state of Aurelia. Givers don't usually get along with LifeWeavers, but Rowan can't keep his eye off Alessio and has never held the same judgments as the rest of society. For years, he never knew if Alessio was comfortable enough for him to approach.

         When Rowan finds an opening to rescue Alessio from an awkward situation, he jumps on it, much like everything else. But it seems Rowan is more concerned about the wellness of others than his own despite his physical disabilities and past trauma, and it's starting to drag him down. 

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