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   I feel it is my purpose as an author to write stories that challenge my heart, and therefore, it's possible your heart may also find this story challenging to read. 
   You deserve support and safety. Please take care of yourself while reading with the following in mind:

   Unraveling with You contains depictions of domestic abuse (adult parent to adult child), and discussions of past sexual and physical abuse. Characters also unpack their trauma through formally consensual sexual acts, including kink and BDSM play.

   If you or someone you know are struggling, there is hope and support for you here in this world. Please seek the care you deserve, as you matter immensely to me and your loved ones. Unsure where to start your search for support? Feel free to scroll down for a list of mental health resources. 
   Just by showing interest in my book, you've made an incredibly wonderful difference in my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for existing here with me.

With All My Love,


You deserve support and free access to knowledge. Please utilize the resources below whenever you need them. The world needs you here.

International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation

RAINN (Anti-Sexual Violence Nonprofit)

International OCD Foundation

Psychology Today - Find a Therapist (International)

Trans Lifeline

The Trevor Project

International Association for Suicide Prevention

Image by Soheb Zaidi
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