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River Kai Pilger

Author & Artist

River Kai is a thriller webcomic author turned sweet-but-spicy romance author. As a bisexual and transgender creator with disabilities, he specializes in Romance, LGBTQ+, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy fiction with mental health and disability representation, creating stories for readers like him to see they’re not alone.

Between storytelling, River recharges his creativity by creating rainbow, fantasy, and space-themed crafts, including stickers, stickers, pins, bookmarks, jewelry, and more.

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When chronic illness tried to take my life, I took it back. 

    At the lowest point of my health, I was on oxygen and could hardly take myself to the bathroom. Feeling like a skeleton of myself, I knew something deeper was off beyond my health, which was nearing the point of no return. 

    When I realized webcomics existed and I could be my own publisher without the grueling schedule of my favorite manga artists, that's exactly what I did - ALL I did. Armed with my first digital drawing tablet and a bed tray for my laptop, creating that first comic gave me a reason to wake up and keep living through absolute hell. I reminded myself every single day, "If I don't fight through this, who else will finish my favorite story?" 

    Stories like RESONANCE, MY SHY ALPHA, and WHAT-SEXUAL?? are the direct result of that! My most popular comic, WHAT-SEXUAL??, revealed every secret I kept from myself about my identity, allowing me to heal my heart and soul by coming out as a pansexual and transgender man. From then on, healing physically became easier. I never thought I would survive past 17, and I'm now 28! 

    After surviving a 9-year battle with severe chronic Lyme Disease, I feel like I have a second chance at life. My dream is to use it to create stories with messages I wish I had growing up, including representation of transgender, bisexual, and chronically ill characters in particular.

    Sometimes I still have tougher days, but I have the best coping mechanism in the world; I write or draw for hours on end, diving into fictional worlds I've discovered deep in my heart. I can't work a 9-5 job without physical consequences, but I can draw and write my ass off! 

    By supporting me on Patreon, or simply reading, commenting on, or sharing my comic means you're directly supporting a disabled, trans, queer, and indie author! It's an honor to use my life experiences to create, so thank you for supporting my dreams and giving me a voice! 

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