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In moody-yet-sweet Unraveling with You: A Steamy Contemporary Romance, a golden retriever of a tattooed, leather-punk man unravels a shy, goth good girl’s deepest secrets in both the bedroom and her heart - until she unravels him.

   All Lilibeth wants is to be able to carry massive pots of soup she cooks for work. When a personal trainer harasses her on her first visit to the gym, a tattooed stranger with dark, brooding eyes defends Lilibeth in the heat of her anxiety.

   Upon closer look, bad boy Remington’s half-up smile never fails to lift Lilibeth's spirits - and he’s eager to become her gorgeous new gym buddy. Lilibeth sets aside her rising attraction to Remington, hoping his natural instinct to praise inspires her to develop more self-confidence.

   But when Lilibeth learns that Remington is a Dungeon Monitor at Club X, her secret, kinky fantasies push to the surface, begging to be shared with Remington, and Remington alone. Braving painful shyness and an abusive upbringing, Lilibeth not only has to learn it’s safe to say “no” if she wants to play with Remington, but also has to uncover Remington’s harbored secrets that prevent his smile from lifting both cheeks.



For a content advisory, please visit this page.

Image by Damiano Ferrante


emotional intimacy

intro to BDSM/kink with formal consent

discovering self-worth

steamy yet sweet


bad boy has golden retriever energy

shy, goth good girl

trust & vulnerability


trauma healing

true love, sweet romance with spicy spice, shy goth girlfriend, bad boy is actually a playful gem, good girl, introduction to BDSM/kink, escaping past and present trauma, coming out of one’s shell, embracing vulnerability, comfort in connection, contemporary romance, sweet girl with a naughty side, formal consent, sexual exploration, developing trust, self-empowerment

Image by Jezael Melgoza
Image by Soheb Zaidi
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