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CanvasRebel Interview - Meet River Kai Pilger

River Kai was recently featured on CanvasRebel! Here's a snippet of the interview:

"River Kai, thanks for joining us, excited to have you contributing your stories and insights. We’d love to hear about a project that you’ve worked on that’s meant a lot to you.

Readers often ask if I’ve written myself into my novels or comics. I like to tell them that while I wouldn’t want to torture myself like that, every story I’ve written is a deeply personal part of my own healing. I love to experience each of my characters’ journeys with them, resolving huge fictional problems with real-world connections that feel insurmountable in real life. My debut novel, My Shy Alpha: Book 1 of the Steamy Shifter Romance Series, holds a deeper meaning for me – which I know may sound silly just from hearing the title. But that’s exactly why I wrote it. I wanted to select a genre with an endless selection of toxic tropes and gender roles for me to unpack, especially as a transgender man who has already undergone a major unlearning process around these very issues.

In doing so, I came up with a story that made me uncomfortable in the best way. Not because it follows these tropes or gender roles, but because it breaks them, it defies expectations, and the characters heal from very real issues despite being surrounded by fantastical, beastly scenarios (literally)."

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